3M is a leading supplier of copper and fiber optic connectivity, management and diagnostic solutions to communication services suppliers around the world. Products and solutions for telecommunications providers specializing in access and enterprise networks and network equipment manufacturing.

Access Network Solutions

These include closures and connectors, splices, modular cabinets and structured cabling for copper, fibre optic networks and wireless media.

Enterprise Network Solutions

3M Volition solutions for enterprise networks consist of proven products to connect and protect mission-critical cabling infrastructures. Fiber optic, copper and hybrid networks worldwide rely on 3M quality and innovation.

3M™ Volition™ Work Area Outlet Products

Face plates, wall outlets, jacks and sockets for 3M™ Volition™ Fiber Optic Networking Products, including VF-45™ Sockets.

3M™ Volition™ VF-45™ Patch Cords and Media Converters

3M™ Volition™ VF-45™ Patch Cords and fiber-copper media converters

3M™ Connectors, Tools/Supplies, Couplings and Splices

The line of 3M™ Fiber Optic Connectors includes a wide range of configurations, styles and a complete set of installation tools, supplies and kits.

3M™ Fiber Optic Cable

3M™ Volition™ Horizontal and Backbone Cables have a unique design that packages each pair of 250 micron coated fibers in a separate buffer tube to facilitate the termination of the 3M™ VF-45™ Socket. Horizontal cables are available in standard length reels of 1 km; backbone cables are available in incremental lengths between 500 m and 6 km.

3M™ Telecommunications Room and Consolidation Points

3M™ Fiber Distribution Systems, 2700 and 8400 series, coupling plates and fiber optic patch panels.

3M™ Customer-Owned Outside Plant

Premises networks often include substantial outside plant components. 3M's long experience in the telecom outside plant brings innovation to these components of Premises networks.